Lying 13 kilometers and 8 miles from Spain coast, the North African country of Morocco amalgamates the magic of Europe, Middle East and Berber tradition. Tourism industry has been flourishing since long and the contribution of Morocco can’t be neglected owing to the growth of the industry to nearly double since 2002 till 2011. Visiting Morocco has been the dream of tourists all over the world who book cheap flights to Morocco to explore this “Land of God”.

Whether you are going from any place of the world like France, Ireland or Spain etc to Morocco you will be welcomed by stunning views and will get a chance to know the whereabouts of the locals, their habits, culture and tradition. If you are planning to book low cost airlines from Dublin to Morocco, then there is good news for you. Here you will find some unique stuff to bring back home. It is common for such things that these can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Let’s get acquainted with few of these particulars of Morocco.

Moroccan Leather

The Moroccan leather is one of its kinds. It is exclusive and is bronzed in a primitive way that is the same since centuries. Chouara Tannery of Fez is the most famous tannery here. The leather found here is crafted in a pure traditional way that keeps the leather to last long. You can shop for jackets, leather bags, slippers, jackets, belts, wallets and much more.  cheap flights booking from ireland

Argan oil

The south region of Morroco is endowed with Argan trees, so it is the best place to buy Argan Oil and there is an absolute possibility of getting the pure form of Argan Oil prepared in an authentic Berber way. Argan Oil is well known for its beneficial action on skin and hair. Besides it is also an essential component of culinary art. If you too wish to incorporate the same in your dishes then bring some bottles while returning with airlines to Madrid.


Lanterns are a famous in Morocco and are often taken back home by the tourists as these souvenirs are relished by the people all over the globe. These are popular piece of art and they simply display the culture of Morocco. The artwork on these lanterns is profuse and minute beautifully exhibiting the details. These lanterns are found in different markets in various shapes, sizes and features. The aluminum ones no doubt bends easily and Carrying them is also a difficult task altogether. The cost of these lanterns depends on the size, material and designs of these lanterns.domestic flights booking from ireland

Rugs and carpets

Here at morocco you can be lucky to witness the bright red rugs and those which are black and white. These are indeed handmade and could be bought at much cheaper rates. If you wish you could also ask the artists to show you the procedure and process involved in making of these artistic masterpieces. The Rug shops usually have a huge variety of carpets on display and one could even customize them in accordance with individual needs and preferences.

Bread Baskets

The bread baskets in Morocco originated from Sahara are always hand crafted and vibrantly colourful. Though it is obsolete with the Moroccan culture but has gained popularity with the people outside and they buy them in huge numbers. They are very cheap and are easy to be carried anywhere owing to their design and light weight.


The pottery that is found in the markets of Morocco is amazingly splendid. These are hand painted ceramic work and comes in all sizes and shapes. These are perfect items to be gifted to friends and family members. The only thing you have to be cautious about is to pack them carefully so that it doesn’t break into pieces and break your heart along.

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One is sure to buy Djellaba, which is a local dress worn by both Moroccan men and women. For women they come in large variety and colors, designs and materials but men do not have much choice in it. Also the choice of men doesn’t include much variety of colors besides black, olive, or grey for instance. So make sure to buy some before booking your return flights to Dublin from Morocco.

Market bags

The bags in Morocco have been used for centuries at a stretch and one can fetch them from anywhere in the country. Primarily it was used by women who wished to buy many items from the souks instead of being bothered of carrying a number of small bags. These beautiful bags are made by women who make them by their hands with leather handles, pompons or other fancy designs.


Babouche in French is the name of slippers and in Morocco they are called Belgha. These Babouche that come in different colours, patterns and shapes. Those which are the most attractive are vivaciously colored and could be worn anywhere, no matter what the occasion is.

Colored tea cups

All types of tea especially mint tea is a thing which is much hyped in Morocco, so the freshness of mint and sweetness of tea has great significance. Table setting for tea is another thing that is done in a most elaborate manner with exquisite cup designs and grand tea pots. Anything here that is related to tea is regarded highly and you will find many stunning designs for the same that will amaze you for sure.

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Moroccan pastries

The best varieties of Moroccon pastries that will adequately tantalize your taste buds are harcha, baghrir, mssemen, batbout etc. You will not this authentic taste and variety as prepared by the Moroccan women. They are surely a must try in the country and make a wonderful combination with fresh mint tea.

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