Being one of the most puffed up attractions of the city, a huge crowd book flights from Dublin to Singapore every year to have a great nocturnal experience of the Night Safari trip at Singapore. It has also grabbed the accolade of being the best attraction in Singapore by the Tourism Board on different occasions. This Night Safari Park is the first safari park in the whole world that was opened in 1994 and is a home to around 2500 animals stretching across 35 hectares of from Dublin to Singapore Most of the people have not yet experienced night safari so it is a different experience altogether which entices people to book tickets to Singapore and hit the place for family holidays. But in order to make your Safari experience a memorable one, here are few tips:


The Night Safari usually remains overcrowded. Be prepared for this as you have to come out of your comfort zone for this unique exploration. Purchasing your tickets before hand will make no difference as it doesn’t entitles you for priority access.Book tickets to SingaporeNIGHT SAFARI TIP#2

If you wish to take a tram ride the tickets keep fluctuating for adults as well as children. Discounts could be availed by combining the tram expedition with one or more attractions within the Zoo. A tram ride is actually a 30-40 minutes expedition available for different time slots like 7:15pm, 8:15pm, 9:15pm and 10:15pm. The trams have seating arrangement that offers equally astounding views from both left and right sides and if you opt for later time slots you will find the trams to be less crowded.booked a flight to Singapore NIGHT SAFARI TIP #3

Booking cheap flight to Singapore and choosing Night Safari trip as a part of your itinerary entitles you for Creatures of the Night Show which is a 20 minute show performed in the premises of outdoor amphitheatre amid the rainforest. Children usually get delighted from the show as they see hyena, civet, otter and many more distinctive breeds of animals. Thumbuakar Performance which is a fire show at the entrance of the courtyard is yet another exciting affair.low cost airline for SingaporeNIGHT SAFARI TIP #4

If you have earlier booked a flight to Singapore and have been to the place then you must be aware of the roasting heat over here.  It is a suggestion to carry light and cool clothing and consume some readily available beverages as you will find such drinks and eatables at a higher price on the place. Catching trams for late timings will be a good resort to beat the flights to SingaporeNIGHT SAFARI TIP #5

It is quite a tedious affair to wait in long queues with high temperatures specially when there are children along. To keep your kids occupied carry some electronic devices with fully charged batteries or bring some portable Wi-fi connection. Books cannot be a good idea as the area remains dimly lighted. You can also spend time in eating and munching while in the park.


Don’t bother to carry the load of your expensive camera as the whole of the Night safari is a thing of constant darkness. The entire excursion is carried out in faintly lighted surroundings and you will have to face disappointment while sitting back and viewing your photographs. The areas to see animals no doubt have light but flash photography is not permitted here so just rely on the camera of your smart phone to click few memories and focus on enjoying the trip.


It has been quite a false notion in the minds of people who have been misled by the people that the customer service around the place is not up to the mark but this is quite contrary to what you will find actually. In fact the staff and the discipline maintaining authority are very co-operative and friendly. The members are well-organized and proficient in making the conditions conducive for the visitorsDomestic cheap flights from Dublin to Singapore NIGHT SAFARI TIP #8

If you prefer to be at the secluded places which are less crowded than take the walking trails which remain less crowded. There are 4 major trails namely the East Coast Lodge Trail, Leopard Trail, Fishing Cat Trail and the latest Wallaby Trail. The walkways are well illuminated and it’s easy to take the helm. There is not a chance to be swayed in a herd like cattle and one can enjoy watching the animals at flights From Dublin to Singapore NIGHT SAFARI TIP #9

This Night Park offers ultimate adventures for you and your family that will surely steal your heart. You can spend an evening in the meadows with dinner and a warm night stay to have a camping experience. You can opt for 5 course dining options at the tram or can also hire a private guide to take you around the wildlife park.

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Another thing for which you should remain prepared at the Night Safari Park is unpredictable rain. It is advisable to carry an umbrella or a raincoat for the same. If you have forgotten to carry them in your luggage, you can also buy them from the shops at the wildlife park.


An insect repellent is an essential requisite to pack with your luggage after booking low cost airline for Singapore. At a place of tropical rain forest which is inundated by wild animals and insects of all kinds it is a sure resort to save you from the aftermath. Do not panic if you have forgotten to carry one as it is readily available at the shops in the park.


After having booked cheap flights to Singapore with a reputed travel organization like Crystal Travel you don’t have to further ponder upon the expenses on the trip and can enjoy to the fullest. After a fantastic yet tiring Night Safari Trip it is a tedious job to wait for public transport like bus. Just hire a taxi and get back to your destination in an air-conditioning comfort and ease.low cost airline for Singapore.

In all, this Night safari trip will be surely remembered for your entire life and your children will ask you when you would be again taking them for this exciting expedition.


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