If travelling is another meaning of happiness for you, you must explore the places of Kolkata which are considered as the best tourist spots in India. Exploring new places and nurturing the history of these tourist spots would be the perfect combination for those who considers travelling as synonym of happiness. There are lots of places you can keep in your itinerary; however, you need to make plan for the number of days you are keeping for each place.

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If you are traveling from Ireland and planning for the trip to Kolkata, you need to check out the available hotels in Kolkata and the accessible airlines. However, you cannot choose all airlines because all of them are not available in the cheapest airfares.

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Places you explore in the city of joy

You will be open to diversified places once you are stepping into the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata. For visiting these places you need to have the package plan or the tour plan from Crystal Travel. The discounted airfares are rarely offered by the travel companies, therefore, people need to engage themselves continuously in search for the best companies which take care of its customers and offer the best deals.

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Birla Planetarium, Kolkata Overview:

The building of Fort William is situated in the city of Kolkata, on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. Worked in the year 1696, the post gets its name from King William III and was the main fortification of the British in the nation. The superbness of the building is relevantly supplemented by its far reaching territory, which is spread more than 70.9 sections of land. The forcing structure of Fort William is adorned with many arches like windows and neglects rich green patio nurseries. Fastidious stonework embellishes the surface of the building and took insofar as took ten years to achieve fruition. In any case, it was soon understood that the building had a couple of escape clauses, and another octagonal building was developed whose establishment was laid by Sir Robert Clive.

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 Birla Planetarium, Kolkata Overview:

Kolkata’s Birla Planetarium is a heavenly building set up by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on second July 1963. This one in Kolkata is one of the three planetariums exhibit in India and is hailed as the biggest of its kind on the planet. Otherwise called Taramandal, the Birla Planetarium consistently holds numerous projects are in different dialects including Hindi, English, Bengali, and other local dialects. The planetarium houses various advancements and inventiveness, giving out learning to its kindred guests.

A visit to the Birla Planetarium is maybe a standout amongst the most creative approaches to touch off your enthusiasm for science and the movement of planets. Individuals, particularly the cosmology darlings, run in from everywhere throughout the world to encounter the astounding shows which are sorted out here. Curiously, Birla Planetarium makes utilization of hardware which is very old and is never again utilized as a part of the fresher offices.

 Indian Museum, Kolkata Overview:

The ninth most established historical center of the world and biggest in India, the Indian Museum is situated in the old city of Kolkata. The establishment stone of the Indian Museum was set down in the year 1814 and has been a focal point of multidisciplinary exercises from that point forward. Prevalently known as ‘Jadughar’, it shows a portion of the finest accumulation of authentic significance extending from contemporary depictions and a sacrosanct relic of Buddha to Egyptian mummies and old models. Notwithstanding these, the Indian Museum gloats of the absolute most dazzling accumulations of decorations, fossils, skeletons, collectibles, amours, and shocking Mughal sketches.

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Notwithstanding being the safehouse for some extremely valuable relics, the Indian Museum has served different parts and administrations also.

The best time you need to consider while traveling to Kolkata

Located on the eastern coast of India, Kolkata has a typical tropical climate. Here’s a monthly seasonal break up so you can plan your trip accordingly:

October-March: Starting from autumn the weather is pleasant and is a great time to visit Kolkata. Apart from the weather, this is also the time for festivals. Kolkata comes alive during Durga Puja as there are numerous pandals all over the city with beautiful idols or Goddess Durga and multiple street food stalls. This is followed by Laxmi Puja and Kali Puja.

In winters the temperature varies somewhere between 9°C and 11°C. December and January are the coolest months and you would need light woolens for this time, especially during the night. There is the occasional rainfall, which makes the weather very pleasant making it the best time to plan a holiday. 

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Flights available for traveling to Kolkata

Flights that one catch up from Dublin includes Air India, Etihad, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Air France, KLM, Jet Airways and many more.


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