Japan has a unique flavor that always makes it stand apart from rest of the Asian countries. As this archipelago stand s alone and away from the world, amidst the sea, hence it remains uninfluenced by the culture of the rest of the country. Japan has always been a fascinating dream for the travelers who have different taste in sense of places. If you happen to book flights from Dublin to Japan and visit this charming country once, then you will know that it is a hub of tradition and exciting attractions for you to engage in.

Few from the list are:

Sleeping in a Capsule Hotel

With its introduction in the late 1970s in Osaka, capsule hotels were an ideal accommodation for the salaried people. Known for the best types lodging facilities in the whole country the capsule hotels lure the business people and travelers from various destinations in the world.. Most of the major cities in Japan have capsule hotels which are ideal to stay in a low budget. A capsule hotel is 1.2 meters wide and around 2 meters long. With basic amenities like TV, Radio, Alarm clock, built in light, free Wi-Fi etc. Bathrooms and other communal s are on sharing basis.

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Attend a Traditional Tea Ceremony

Sado or tea ceremony in Japan is quite famous. Sado in Japanese means ‘the way of the tea’. It is a ceremonial ritual of preparing and serving tea. The tradition started in the 12th century under the influence of Zen Buddhism. The ceremony is choreographed in a particular style and the focus is laid on the body movements and the four principals of respect, purity, harmony and tranquility.  There are certain difference in preparation style depending upon the time of the day, season and venue but the overall pattern remains the same.international flights booking to japan from dublin

Wear a Kimono

Kimonos are the famous traditional outfits of Japan.. Almost all of us have noticed the image of Japanese women wearing a Kimono at various occasions and places. A Kimono clad women is an ideal representation of Japan. Kimino was actually an official dress of Japan until the middle of 19th century. These are still a culture in trend to wear kimono on special occasions like weddings, family get-togethers, functions etc.international cheap airfares to japan

Experience a Sumo Wrestling Tournament

At the National Sport of Japan, sumo wrestling is an exciting and fascinating cultural experience. Two of the wrestlers compete on a prominent clay ring which is known as dohyo which also has a layer of sand on the top surface. Each wrestler tries pulling the other off his feet or out of the ring. If you too wish to book budget airlines to Japan and watch this performance, then official sumo tournaments known as Basho are held every another month. Out of six annual tournaments three are held in Tokyo and others at Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Visit the Snow Monkeys

Japanese macaques which are known as ‘snow monkeys’ are the world’s monkeys living in the northern region. They have communicative eyes, pink faces and human like mannerism and hence have become the favorite creature. It is found in the colder regions of the earth and can survive the coldest temperatures and extreme conditions. Some people who book low budget flights to Japan and fly to this place also take a dip in the hot springs at places like Yudanaka Onsen to get warm.flights booking to japan

Watch a Kabuki Performance

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theater on the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. This art form is proficient in unique showmanship which involves bold make-up, intricate costumes and elaborate wings. It is actually an artful display or acts that are divided into various segments. Each segment is divided into sections and there are separate tickets for each.

Practice Sword-Fighting at a Samurai School

Samurai used to be the great warriors of Japan who are still remembered and cherished. They had sword as the main weapon and were considered the highest caste in Japan. The warriors were anticipated to follow the ethical code which laid emphasis on honour, self-discipline and loyalty towards the master. On getting your flights to Japan booked, you make sure that the travel planner has included the museums and amusement parks related to Samurai in the itinerary.

Bathe in the Onsen

Natural hot springs erupting in Japan and the bathing area adjoining it is called ‘Onsen’. Japan is itself located on a volcanic zone and around 3,000 hot springs are stretched across the country. Many resorts have developed in the surrounding to such areas as this water is supposed have healing properties. Previously baths were available on the exteriors of the Onsen but recently bathers can bathe inside the protected premises. Be cautious about the fact that many Onsen do not allow wearing swimsuits or getting nude at the places. Just embrace the charismatic tradition of this wonderful place, when you book tickets to Japan.fly to japan


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