Well, as we all have that inherent fondness for mystery dipped stories, surely you must also be having, but you don’t have to look for crop circles, the Bermuda triangle or such big names. If you have already booked your flight to India but are longing for that dose of inquisitiveness then it is a good news for you that you will find the same in abundance here. The Indian land too holds a lot many stories in its womb and every region has a different story to tell. If we talk about mystery it does not imply to only ghost stories but it could refer to any inexplicable phenomenon which has given science a tough competition. All of such places are easy accessible. All you have to do is to book a cheap flight from Ireland to India, to save upon your journey and visit some of these places which have been delineated below.

The Village of Twins, Kodinhi, Kerela

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A visit to a small village in God’s country is a unique experience in itself as here you will meet a replica of every person. This small village of Kodinhi in Mallapuram will amaze you till your wits. This place has an approximate 220 sets of twins and 3 triplets. Popular as the village of twins this village is exception to otherwise low count of twins in other places in India. This occurrence has been common since so many years in history and the researchers have attributed this unnatural phenomenon to the geographical, genetic and climatic conditions of the place.

The Levitating Stone, Shivapur, Maharashtra

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Shivapur is a small village near Pune in Maharshtra, famous for the shrine of Qamar Ali Darvesh. He was a wise and compassionate saint who resided in that area and was famous for his teachings and tolerant beliefs as he propagated that knowledge is superior to the muscular strength. He was often mocked for his weak physique during his whole life. Before he died he made this request to place a round stone weighing around 200 lbs be placed beside his tomb. As the legend goes he envisaged that if 11 men place their index fingers on the stone and recite his name in unison then it will make the stone float in the air. This fact is still true till this time.

The Fable of Baba Harbhajan Singh, Nathu La, Sikkim

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Baba Harbajan Singh is highly venerated and worshipped even after his death. He served in Indian army during his life and was posted in Sikkim where he met his unfortunate death by drowning in a glacier. Subsequent to his death he started appearing in the dreams of army personnel and started warning them about possible threats to India from the Chinese. Till date his spirit is believed to guard the Indo-Chinese border and save the soldiers from extreme weather conditions and Chinese attacks. A temple is constructed in his honour and a room is also there for him which consists of all his belongings. A true soldier indeed! God bless his patriotic soul.

The Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

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The Magnetic Hill in Leh ladakh have never ceased to amuse and amaze the visitors who come to experience the mystifying process of upwards movement of the vehicle on a slant slope of hills even if the ignition is off as it is usually common on downhill. This strange natural occurrence undoubtedly defies the natural law of gravity and astounds the onlookers.

Roopkund Lake, Uttrakhand

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Commonly known as the Lake of Skeletons, the Roopkund Lake located at a high altitude of 5,029 meters is a pot of mysteries. This lake has a stack of skeletons buried beneath its frozen layers and is visible to people only when the ice melts. The local legend behind such a happening is that King of Kannauj once headed for a pilgrimage to Naina Devi along with his queen and people when a sudden hailstorm caused them to drown in the lake but genetic examination of the skeletons reveal that the people who got drowned may be from Iran.

After learning about such astounding places to exist in India, if you too wish to explore all of them by yourself to confirm the authenticity of the places and the facts associated with them, then straightaway book direct flights to India and get greeted on this land of sages.


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