I was not very sure about where to go for honeymoon after my wedding next month. We were on constant debate for trending island destinations like Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles. After a long futile discussion I and my fiancée finally agreed for Seychelles and without any further delay booked cheap flights to Seychelles. Though I was not very sure about the fruitfulness of the decision as I was looking for something that would make our memories to last for a lifetime. Finally we were tied in wedlock and the day arrived when we had to fly to this lover’s paradise as it was called so by our group of friends.

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As we booked our flights to Seychelles with Crystal Travel we got some huge discounts for reputed airlines and hence the journey started with a big smile on our lips. Though I was not much excited about the idea of going to Seychelles but returning from this paradise personified, I instantly took a pledge on the returning flights to Ireland that I would suggest this place to every honeymoon couple in future. A marvellous archipelago like Seychelles is the astonishing display of nature’s beauty. The whole journey was like a trip to the fantasy world that kept us stupefied. One thing is sure that no matter how much old we grow this trip to Seychelles will remain afresh in our minds and hearts.

When I imagine paradise on earth, within seconds my mind is inundated with the memories of Seychelles. I mean look at this picture from our collection. Doesn’t these sparkling beaches, unspoiled ambiance and abundant woodland confining the semi hilly terrain with intense island interiors. With its ideal location off coast on eastern front of Africa, this is the major destination for couples and those who love the beaches and quieter side of nature.

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cheap flights to Seychelles
Seychelles Activities

A wide array of activities that was just not enough to suffice our quest for adventure and which kept our heart craving for more were first and foremost a stroll through the deep woodlands checking out the awesome variety of birds and animals relaxing on tranquil beaches. Another astounding activity to get involved into, in Seychelles is Snorkelling and Scuba Diving and swimming as the crystal clear and temperate waters permits to do so. After a thrilling hiking trip to Aldabra Atoll, we got fortunate enough to discover the tidal lagoon with enormous sharks, mantra rays and sea birds on our way to Aldabra Atoll. We were tired by then but there was still much left at Old Plantation House, Boatyard, Colonial graveyard and World Heritage Centre which kept us moving. Besides this Seychelles provides refuge to many amazing animals and plants species. Here one can easily spot a tortoise, frog, biggest plants and some of the rarest birds.

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cheap flights to Seychelles

While we were booking low cost airlines to Seychelles the thought that was haunting our mind was that whether we would like the cuisine which is a fusion of Indian, Asian and European culinary art but to our surprise we just loved the food over there. As we sat on the restaurant table, the delightful aroma of the lip smacking dishes invaded our senses. We were served an exclusive assortment of Sea Food like Tuna fish, Red Snapper, Lobster, Squid, Barracuda, rice and vegetables. Potatoes, chutneys and breadfruit made of domestic fruits are more than enough to stimulate the taste buds. Vegetables, Rice and spicy sauces constitute the accompaniments.

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Fish Food And Cuisine

Though being the last course of the meal, the dessert never loses its significance and the same goes on the land of Seychelles. Cooked bananas, caramelized pineapples, coconut chocolate and much more to turn you sweet.

The days that were spent in Seychelles are still fresh as dew in our fond memories. It is my advice to all those who are planning their wedding in the upcoming time or wish to rekindle the lost spark in their love life, this place will surely make you go gaga. Book budget tickets to Seychelles from Ireland without contemplating any further. Visit yourself to indulge in the mesmerizing charm of this heaven on earth. I bet you will not regret your decision.


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