Karachi is the capital city of Sindh province of Pakistan and also the largest metropolis. Till many years people were unaware about the exuberant beauty and enticing charm of this phenomenal city, but lately the place is earning recognition on global front. People remain excited to book cheap flights to Karachi to get acquainted with this “City of Lights”. Not only has the credit gone to the scenic natural beauty and architectural richness of Karachi but, the other reasons for it being the most visited city in Pakistan is the recognition earned as the 7th largest urban miscellany in the world. This city is also the most impressive hub for banking, publishing, shipping, arts and education industry, automotive industry, fashion vistas and much more.

Flights to Karachi

It lies at an altitude of 8 meters above sea level and the official language here is “Urdu”, the one most incorporated in poetry. But those who have booked flights from Ireland to Karachi need not to worry as the other languages spoken here are Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi, Pashto and English too.

Overview : Book Flights to Karachi  with Karachi International Airport

The flight that head towards Karachi from any place land at the Jinnah International Airport, also known as the Karachi International Airport that hosts 35 airlines. Karachi has a parched climate with warm summers, less precipitation and cold winters. Winter season starting from November and extended through March is ideally looked upon as the perfect time for tourism. Other luring factors to visit Karachi are the beautiful festivals of Eid-ul-Fitr. All Pakistan Music Conference, Kara Film Festival, Karachi Literature Festival, Independence Day and Jinnah Day.

Major City Attractions

The city tour of Karachi could be done with the family or alone but it should be commemorated by visiting the Mohatta Palace, constructed by a Hindu Marwari businessman which later became the official residence of Fatima Jinnah, who was the sister of Md Jinnah. Today it is recognized as the museum which portrays the major artefacts of the ancient times. Few of the architectural gems among those are the Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam, made out of white marble where the tomb of the founder of Pakistan, Md Ali Jinnah lies.  Another man-made masterpiece is Masjid-e-Tooba, which is the biggest single dome mosque in the country and houses 5000 people at a time.

Alluring Natural Wonders

Cheap flights to karachi
Natural Wonder of Karachi

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Karachi is also rich in terms of natural wonders; be it the most popular Clifton Beach on the shores of Arabian Sea, ideal to bask upon with children or the Haleji Lake, which is equivalent to a natural paradise where one can witness the migratory Siberian birds. Another picnic could be planned BY hiring a boat from a small port of Kemari and heading towards Manora Island which possesses a church, a light house, and a revered Hindu temple. Also while in Pakistan, do not miss the Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim, the largest and loveliest garden.

#Karachitour : Eating and Shopping

Cheap flights to Karachi from Ireland
Delicious Food in Karachi

Booking cheap flights to Karachi will also acquaint you with its luscious cuisine of which the most famous Biryani steals the highlight. There are a number of restaurants that serve the mouth-watering goodies for the foodies like “Nihari”, “Haleem”, lentils, kebabs and barbecue dishes. All of them will surely leave you craving for more. Here you will also find a variety of International cuisines in the upscale restaurants which offer an exotic amalgamation of Italian, Chinese, Pakistani, South Indian, Japanese, Korean and many others.

If you are a food enthusiast then make sure to book a table at the Port Grand Food and Entertainment Complex soon after booking low cost airlines to Karachi. It is the largest recreational area and most spurring food street of Asia. The dishes that could be relished here are pancake made of rice flour, Sindhi fish biryani and similar delicacies. Other food avenues could be abundantly found at popular eating markets like Do Darya, Boat Basin and Burns Road. Karachi.

Shopping : #Karachiflights

The shopping maniacs will not be disappointed at Karachi So without any further contemplation book cheap flights to Karachi. It is a perfect place for getting ethnic stuff as well as modern items of your choice. Dolmen Mall Clifton is the largest mall in Karachi with full dining and entertainment options. Besides these other hyped shopping avenues are Tariq Road, Hyderi, Saddar, Karsaz, Park and Tower. Zamzama Boulevard is another area well acclaimed for its designer outlets while Bohri Bazar, Soldier Bazar and Urdu Bazaar are places where one can go for local shopping of cheaper goods.

Flights from Ireland
Shopping at Karachi

Having a virtual tour of Karachi as delineated above, many would book air tickets to Karachi for their upcoming holidays. Those who are still pondering over, this a suggestion that visit this mesmerizing place at least once by getting your travel package booked with an expert travel organization like Crystal Travel. Gear up for the fun.


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