If you are a passionate traveler, then some places will definitely attract your attention. If you have the thirst for knowing the unknownplaces, then visiting some interesting travel spots in Italy will definitely keep the wander thirst burningin you. The places you can visit in all the seasons in Italy are discussed herein below:

Manarola, Cinque Terre: If you are visiting to iconic Cinque Terre, then you will get to find the place Manarola, which is considered as one of the smaller towns in Italy. You must be thinking that there is hardly any interesting place to explore. Well, in that case you are absolutely wrong. Just after hopping off the flight you will get to grab yourself with the famous Italian gelato. After that you can enjoy the beauty of sunset which is considered as the perfect picturesque spot.

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Florence: This place is known as the most fascinating as well as purely romantic city that is well worth for traveling. You can easily take a stroll to Piazza Della Signoria and visit across Ponte Vecchio. Apart from this you can have a mesmerizing experience during sunrise over the city.

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San Gimignano: This is a hill town in Italy which consists eye-catching world heritage sites of UNESCO. The town has a historical origin that attracts the tourists from around the world and the travelers get delighted after stepping up in this place as they get to know about the historical background of these spots. Including romantic as well as Gothic architecture, travelers will further get to experience the best bruschetteria the particular region. Also, you can taste the mouthwatering prosciutto and the artichoke bruschetta which is available in cheap rate.

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Rome: If you are trying to enrich the list of your traveling places, then Rome is the spot place you must add at the top of your list while planning for a trip to Italy. The list for traveling Italy would not be completed without visiting some interesting tourist point in Rome. The specialty of Rome lies in its grand monuments and the fountains and the part of these monuments further lies in its small paved streets, romantic plazas and the unusual shops.

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These are the tourist spots you must not miss out while you are traveling to Italy and once you step down there at the Italy, there are lots of fascinating places you will get to explore even though you have not planned for those before.


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