Lima is the bustling capital of Peru that has always been a dream destination of the European population. With sprawling attractions and busy streets this city welcomes the people in its warm embrace. As it is quite ubiquitous with people from any part of the world to look for cheaper travel options, cheap flights to Lima could be easily booked with Crystal Travel to avail huge discounts on flights. The city observes reckless crowd and busy traffic movement. If you are planning a short trip of 24 hours stay in Lima, here is a planned itinerary that could be adhered for a memorable experience.

8:00 am

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Bisetti Coffee for coffee lovers

Begin your day with coffee of Peru. There are many shops in Lima that keep emitting the arresting aroma of sweet coffee. Bisetti is the place that should not be missed when you are in Peru. It is a coffee shop that is renowned in the city since long time. You can also stop here for a scrumptious breakfast variety.

9:00 am

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Paracas Tor, Lima

If you feel energetic after the breakfast and are ready for some adrenalin rush then go for surfing. Peru is known for rich surfing history and to maintain the legacy it offers some of the smoothest waves in the world. In Miraflores you can take the stairs downstairs to the ocean which offer surfboards and rental wetsuits.

11:00 am

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Lima Beaches

Shed off your fears if any, at Miraflores cliff, the place just above the surfing site. When the sun is out you will have a lovely view of the Pacific Ocean and Lima’s beaches.


12:00 pm

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Black spoon with shrimp ceviche snack ready To eat

By the time the clock hits 12, your stomach will start craving for food. Peru is already in good books for outstanding cuisine. If you wish to get the best that Lima can offer then straightaway head towards Sonia’s in Chorrillos, which is on the south of Barranco. Besides offering authentic taste and wonderful gourmet presentation the additional charm of Sonia lies in the beautiful decoration and live music played by a pianist.

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1:30 pm

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Moorish Style Balconies

Around 1:30 pm take a taxi to Plaza De Armas in the historic center of Lima. Here you will witness some of the breathtaking colonial architecture. Fransisco has established itself as the colonial capital of South America. Towards the east of the plaza there is Palacio Arzobispal which has Moorish style balconies that depict unique Peruvian architecture. Another attraction in the Northeast is Palacio de Gobierno which is a grand baroque style building with beautiful balconies and stylish structures.

5:00 pm

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Dia Del Pisco

A short stroll from Plaza De Armas will take you to Plaza San Martin. Once reaching there you will soon find Gran Hotel Bolivar in close proximity. Here you can relish the pisco at the Pisco Cathedral, having five piscos in it. The bartenders here excel at preparing the best piscos in the world.

7:00 pm

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Exotic Fusion Of Bio-Diverse Menu

Central Restaurante was chosen as the best restaurant in the whole world. This restaurant is owned by Virgilio Martinez, and offers an exotic fusion of bio-diverse menu of Peru. This place is the perfect for great dining options and is sure delight for epicureans. The dishes are made up of selected ingredients from far flung places. All the food items are delectable and appealing in presentation. To dine at this world famous restaurant you just have to book flights to Peru from Ireland and land up on this place.

10:00 pm

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Night Life in Peru

This place is equally exciting party freaks. The pulsing nightlife of Peru entices young and old alike. To suffice the party animal in you, end your day at Pizza Street near Parque Kennedy. The street is equipped with bars and is always active. People generally get into mood by 10 or 11 pm in Lima and party hard till even early morning hours.


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