There is no comparison if we talk about the romantic destinations on this beautiful planet of ours as they are each beautiful than the other but the ones that are most looked upon are Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives. If we talk about the best from the rest then Maldives surely steals the show. Those who are looking to get tied in wedlock or wish to propose their beloved amidst the enthralling natural setting then without any further delay book cheap flights to Mauritius. This place will indeed provide you the best backdrop for your pictures and will definitely set you in mood for some love woes. The charismatic archipelago of Mauritius flaunts colorful landscapes with pristine beaches and vivacious wildlife.domestic Flight booking from ireland A subtle fusion of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine makes it an ideal destination for visitors to enjoy the food and generous sunshine at the sparkling sand beaches. The statement of Mark Twain that the beauty of Heaven seems to be copied from Mauritius appears justifiable enough to the person who flies from Ireland to Mauritius, the “Island of Rainbows”. It has been the home of now extinct dodo and a land that blends different cultures, cuisines and festivals. Mauritius doesn’t disappoint even the solo traveller as it offers a variety of adventure activities. Few of the reasons to visit Mauritius are:-
People can bask upon the serene beaches or can absorb some warming sunlight to their souls, simply lying on the caressing white sand. One can also sip fresh sugarcane juice or engage in thrilling activities like scuba diving and snorkelling. One thing that is quite common among all the beaches of Mauritius is the calm and tranquil ambiance that provides solace to the exhausted body and soul.International Flight booking from IrelandDip with the Dolphins
An arresting attraction of the place is Dolphin Cruise which begins early in the morning. One can enjoy swimming with the fun loving mammals. The best beaches for the activity are Flic en Fac and Tamarin Bay. During swimming the dolphins sometimes come too close to you and brush against your body to give you a tingling sensation.Cheap airfare booking from irelandMultihued Chamarel
Chamarel is a unique village that is famous for its multi-coloured sand. The volcanic earth with its seven coloured sand displays amazing sight of hues ranging from red, yellow, brown, blue and green which could also be brought back home as a souvenir. One can also take a halt at the nearby Chamarel Waterfalls to click some amazing pictures.

Deep Sea Diving
Those who are adventurous by nature can save fund by booking a budget ticket to Mauritius from Crystal Travel to add some additional fund to thrill on their trip. Mauritius excels in offering exhilarating diving experience where one can plunge into the turquoise water and get in touch with the marine life. It is a real fun to get in touch with deep sea life where one may get face to face with big shark even. Trainer services are also available for the tyro.Cheap international booking from irelandWildlife:
Few varieties of wildlife will thrill and alarm you at the same time. Here you will encounter weird birds and animals that are rarely found on the planet. It is a home to more than 800 flowering plants which includes the lovely Pandanus. Many types of reptiles could also be seen here. Various Cheap flights to Mauritius are available to take you to this amazing island to explore the unique plant and animal life. Efforts are being made to preserve the flora and fauna of this place.Cheap airlines booking from ireland; Mauritius Cuisine:
Mauritius cuisine is an exotic fusion of European, Chinese and Indian flavour. French culinary art, no doubt dominates the kitchen of Mauritius and sea food is still the staple food of the locals. The best variety of sea food ranges from local fish Capitaine and Calamari to lobsters and crab soup. Vanilla ice-cream topped with grilled coconut is the famous delicacy of the place which should not be missed.airlines booking from irelandBotanical Gardens:
The most ancient and also most impressive garden among all the others in the world is the Botanical Gardens that lie to the south of Mauritius. This garden is commonly known as, “Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden” and it is an abode to deer, tortoise, and a big variety of tortoise, giant water lilies and other unique species of plants. Here, you can also find spices, sugarcanes and ebonies. With 85 varieties of palms from Asian, African and American continent this garden is located in the village of Pamplemousses lying seven miles north east of the capital Port Louis.International Flight booking from irelandTo experience the above mentioned and many other engrossing attractions of this nature’s wonderland, book budget tickets to Mauritius and get going.


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