To acquaint you with nightlife of Bangkok let’s imagine a scenario. It’s 12 pm and you have boarded a flight from Dublin to Bangkok. After a journey of around 9 hours your flight lands at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. You have only three nights in hand as you have booked a return flight to Dublin on the fourth day. It took you quite some time in finishing the immigration formalities and you checked into your hotel at around 11:30 pm. It’s already late but the good news for you is that Bangkok never sleeps. You can get into your favourite pair of jeans and tees and hit few of the most happening party avenues or just gulp your favourite beer at go-go bars and other beer places on the streets of Patpong.

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Be ready to be surrounded by pimps the moment you get out of your taxi who will shout, “Ping-Pong Show”, “Ladyboy show”, “Lesbian Show”, come this way, no cover charge etc. It is strongly advised here not be duped by them as they could even rob you off your belongings.

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The best you can do is to commence your trip from amazing Patpong by getting into the first bar that is in sight. Here you fill find girls shouting, “Sawasdee” that means “you’re welcome”. You will be escorted inside if you say the phrase “Just Looking” and you can enjoy the performance of girls on stage without paying anything and pretending that you are in a dilemma of taking a decision. There are many bars around the area and you can enjoy a drink of your choice or simply a coke while making yourself comfortable on a sofa. Averagely 80 bahts for a beer in a bar is considered reasonable. At every bar you will find a different stage-show where girls of different age group could be seen performing in a bikini on loud or slow music. If you are interested you can even go for Lady Boy Show where you can buy a Lady Boy (eunuchs) and engage in real conversation to know anything and everything about the lady-boy. Booking a cheap flight to Bangkok and visiting the place can fetch you some amazing experience of life-time like the one at Gay Soi. Here you will find many gay bars which are also open to straight man and women. Many young boys could be spotted dancing to the beats and stripping off clothes on the beats of music. You can even fix deals on them. Not only this there many good shows also where young men swing from the overhead rails, perform gymnastics and hang upside down. The majoattraction of these things is that people perform such acts with parts of their body ensconced tightly with the body parts of their partners. Besides this you will also encounter shacks selling T-shirts, costumes, watches and jewellery at bargain prices, so you will get lot of cheap stuff here to buy and you will surely appreciate yourself for the right decision of booking low cost airlines to Bangkok. At Bangkok there are also pubs and restaurants where you can engage in your favourite leisure activities like billiards, pool, darts etc and can have a sumptuous Thai meal at 100 bahts per head.

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As you have booked your ticket to Bangkok and availed the best deal to the place by booking with Crystal Travel so it is quite desirable to make the most of your trip. Considering this you can’t linger on for a long time in Patpong, so just go ahead to other places like Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy in Sukhumvit and many others to have a different experience of each place. One thing for Bangkok you will remember when you return back is that you can have an experience of everything here that is otherwise a taboo in other places without getting actually involved if you are hesitant for the same.

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