Burning Man Festival seems quite contrary to its name than what comes to our mind when we talk about festivity and celebration. First started as a small function organized by a group of friends in 1986, it is celebrated since then, each year during the span between last Sunday of August and first Monday of September in the city of Nevada. To witness this awe evoking festival, people from all over the world book cheap flights to Nevada, US.

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The festival is organized on a theme that is decided with mutual consent among the organizers. It is celebrated by the local residents who are active participants of the festival.  People perform freely and volunteer their services. There is vigorous participation of people into activities like formation of infrastructure, group and solo execution of events that are spontaneously inspired by the theme that is decided by the organizers each year.

The festive theme is influenced by 10 main concepts: “basic” involvement, self-sufficiency and self-expressive style, as well as community group action, civic obligation, endowment, alteration, engagement, immediate discernment and leaving no vestige.

The Burning Man festival is celebrated with great fervour ideally in the last week of August or first week of September every year during which the city is ordained with art and ethnicity sculptured by the people of Nevada.

The festival is named after its ritual of burning a large wooden effigy that conventionally occurs at the evening of the day when the event is held.

Burning Man  is a Community Concerted Event not a Corporate Sponsorship

Burning Man is a community effort which is entirely by the people, for the people, and to the people that entrails and reinforces the initiative of people to get engrossed into creative and constructive group activities where one can get ample opportunity to work upon their inherent skills and come out with ideas, modify them into themes and activities, to work in co-operation with other members and get involved into end to end culmination of the event.

If you are an ingenious individualist you must give it a try once and there are numerous ways to book your participation for the event.

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 To get yourself registered for the festival you can choose from many options

Ways To Participate

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People who visit Burning Man are not bare spectators but rather active players in the event. They make up the place, the presentation, the creation, the execution and at last the experience. Make haste and book early flights from Ireland to Naveda and consider few ways if you wish to participate.

Prepare Something

The Burning Man is your festival. Make room for your engagement into activities. Create an art set up, Content Encampment, an art car, or an art show. The best option is to connect with the functional program through Spark .


Volunteer to assist and develop the structural design for the city. Novice Burners can learn from experienced on the field. Even the first time participants will enjoy to the fullest, getting engulfed in the festive spirit.

Festival Highlights

An approximate stretch of 5½ square miles of vacuous desert awaits to welcome astounding art work; tough and terrific people to perform live and conduct workshops. Some of the chief highlights are:

Art Cars

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Art cars are the most happening part of the festival and one of the favourite components of the whole event. There are many cars adorned in the shapes of animals like Snail, Unicorn, and Dinosaurs etc.  They keep trolling throughout the land carrying visitors who go fun riding, eating, drinking and enjoying their favourite music throughout the night.


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At Burning Man everyone dresses in accordance to the dressing trends of the topical people who have changed their traditions and jargon over the time. The place has its own fictional characters and people who visit the event try to dress in the same disposition. Many could be seen in only shirts while others dressed in fanciful ways that amuse people who visit the event and look for an opportunity to get a glimpse of the local scenario of the place that prevails otherwise.

Deep Playa

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Moving far away from the Burning Man site is a place called Deep Playa which is a place in seclusion where one can enjoy music and drinks and rest in tranquillity. People also select partners who give them company during the event and after. An art car with the name of Robot Heart performs live electronic musical shows at different locations at Deep Playa.

 Pink Puja

Pink Puja is a sort of dynamic workshop that gear up intimacy with the other people around. People are asked to gaze into each other eyes in complete stillness and meditate to elevate the process and then same process is repeated with other strangers to feel the connection and compatibility within themselves and with the other person.

The Temple

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The temple at The Burning Man is a simulacrum of anything you want to shed off. Every part of the temple is covered with confessions, bad memories, guilty thoughts, messages to loved ones and dead people. The aura of the temple is so heavy that it’s almost concrete. This makes the atmosphere very purgative with sounds of people crying and growling in the temple’s premises.

The Burn

The Man here in “Burning Man” has different manifestation for different people which symbolizes corruption, degradation of moral values, corporate corruption, fouled politics and anything that is a setback to our society. When the Man blow up with flickers and fire there is great jubilation and mirth in the atmosphere and people rejoice and celebrate with great zeal and zest.

Burning Man Indispensable Essentials besides tickets to Nevada, US

·  Go For Old:

A thumb rule for the festival is to carry all the old or used stuff which has no fear of getting ruined by the dust.  For example, don’t bring new camping tent, clothes, bike, car etc. as there is no way out to avoid dust that engulfs the atmosphere.

  • Ticket

    –Carrying your ticket for the event is a must and forgetting it will get you into great trouble so give a check to the stuff you are carrying along.

  • Water

    – Carry at least 1 gallon of water per person for drinking for a day.  Another gallon could be carried along for cleaning and showering purpose.

  • Solid food

    – Bring sufficient amount of food stuff that satiate you for the whole week.

  • First Aid Case

    – First Aid Kit is an essential from your travel basket. Don’t forget.

  • Dust Goggles and Dust Mask– Wearing close fitted dust glasses are advisable to avoid  dust from getting into your eyes.

  • Sunscreen– At a height of 4,000 feet the atmosphere becomes more reactive in terms of UV rays.  Apply a good quality sunscreen to avoid direct contact with the air.

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Burning Man awaits you this season if you have a strong liking for thrill and adventure, and an exploring spirit that keeps you wandering. The festive land is not so far if you plan judiciously and book low cost airlines to Naveda and also cheap flights to Ireland for returning back, you can easily rely on Crystal Travel to reach and have a gala experience of this enchanting festival.


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