Narita City is located at the edge of Tokyo International Airport and it depicts the true culture of Japan. Those who book cheap flight to Japan for a family trip or travel solo to this destination can also have opportunities to spend few days or just few hours amid peace and solace at Narita city. The best part of the city is that be it the quiet parks, amazing temples or the impressive streets, they all could be covered on flights booking from dublin

Once landing up at the Haneda Airport start your tour at Narita San, which is a 16 hectare temple park, just 18 minutes from the airport, one can reach Narita San. If someone takes JR or Keisei Line from airport’s Terminal 2 to Keisei Narita Station, they will reach the park in just 10 minutes. The park offers peep into the traditional art of gardening which provides an instant relief from the jet lag after a long haul flight. During your visit you will come across many quiet streams and artistic memorial stones suspended above the serene Koi pond.  If you happen to book your tickets to Japan for the month of spring then the beauty of cherry blossom clouds will surely bewilder you and if by chance you are here on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday then you can also saunter at the place in a lovely Kimono that is fitted on you by the local tourist agency.

Nanita San is an abode to five famous buildings including the most hyped five-tired Great Pagoda of Peace. As one ascends the stairs of the Great Pagoda one can smell the fragrance of burning incense and can also see the monks performing the religious rituals.  In the adjoining Shinshoji temple, the gold decorations lit up the ambiance and dim interiors. Many shops selling rice crackers, wooden prayer plaques and crispy shortbreads could be found outside the park’s cheap flights booking from Dublin to narita

One could find the tranquil lanes as they walk past the wooden buildings with homes on top and shops that sell different items like Chinese items, chopsticks and many more things. Historic shops are found in huge numbers at Omotesando Street which connects Narita Station to the Temple Park. Here you can shop for Japanese Dolls or can collect souvenirs to take back home or can just relax with a steaming cup of green tea. Your trip from Dublin to Narita excites you to the utmost and provides solace to the wretched soul but what about your tummy? If you find yourself craving for lunch while loitering on the streets of Narita check out the options where the locals go like eating joints inside tiny buildings whose doorways remain hidden with advertisement banners but the food is delicious and hospitality over here is a flight from dublin

Narita is a place in the bosom of Japan, which doesn’t require you to book flights to Japan for a long stay in Narita. A few hours stopover will do the needful and will give you a glimpse of the quieter side of Japan. There are many options available for a day or half day tour in Narita for solo traveller or groups.


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